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January 2002
5762 Tevet

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No doubt, Internet is a child of progress. It is the world's "drawing-room". However, different individuals visit it, including new "Aryans". For example, here is an intellectual material which the official site "Maidan", action "Ukraine without Kuchma," offers: "Recently the book "Sanctities" by the archeologist and philosopher Yuriy Shilov has been published (Kiev, 2001, "Mironiv Press")". I have to remind you that Y.Shilov is the author of such books as "The Gates of Immortality", "Fore-Motherland of Aryans", "Fore-History of Rus - Ukraine", etc. It is impossible to buy all these books in Ukraine. Why? Some explanation can be found in "Sanctities".

"So, the Ukrainian archeologist rose against "zhydyat" (as in text) - scientists of Jewish nationality from the Institute of Archeology (NASU)". Their maxim is that "Trypolye culture is a Semite culture". It is already in some manuals. They "scientifically proved" that Ukrainians are Cainites!

Yuriy Shilov disclosed one secret more: "Ex-President Kravchuk is a spiritual leader and sponsor of Kanigin's idea ("Road of Aryans") that the "world historical mission of Jews is to develop and grow a spiritual "gene", afterwards, to inject (!) it into the body of an inferior race, that is to fecundate Aryanized nations... Then, there will be ethnic unification on the territory of Ukraine...(under SDPU(u)?) You will be all "injected"! Nation! "To the bathroom! Go!!! (I heard ex-Kravchuk said in a TV program: "A citizen can become a Human Being only, when he recognizes the greatness of Jewry"...(not word for word). Either the grandfather "got off" or Cainite Kravchuk was zombinized".

Shilov goes on telling how "zhydyata" used to bring famous Ukrainian historians to infarcts and apoplectic strokes. Best of the nation disappeared because of zhydyata. Despite all rows in the book, it is interesting for Ukrainians who want to know who they are and why they came to this world. All my friends, who read it, including me, admire the book. It tells us for the first time about the behind- scene mechanism of Ukrainian historic science. One can find there about Ukrainian national trousers (sharovary) and why Zaporoje kozaks, poor and hungry peasants easily conquered Dunkirk for two weeks.

Despite some objections and remarks on Petr Tolochko's words that "there are no Jews in the Institute of Archeology at all" the discussion at the forum went on in the same spirit. The interest to Y.Shilov's book brought about the question - where can one get it? Somebody suggested the websites of the magazine "Cross-road -IY". The magazine is for "young Ukrainian elite". Some Anya offered even a passage from this book.

Some places in the book are really remarkable For example:

"... Once Hebrews came to Abator: "Why don't you recognize Judaism?!" Satya pointed at the petal with the cross."

- Christ brought the New Testament

- But God granted the New Testament to chosen people!

- All nations are chosen by God

- But Hebrews suffer more that others. For example, the Holocaust.

- Consequences can't stay alone without reasons. Do you want to stop Jews suffer. Change their mentality..."

As we see, new "Aryans" do not differ much from their predecessor from the Third Reich, especially in their attitude forwards Jews.


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