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January 2002
5762 Tevet

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The stronger is the Jewish State, the quieter is the life of Jews in diaspora.

Practically since the first day of its existence small Israel has been busy with its "small" problem. At first there were separate shots, later the explosions were heard on the Israeli roads. Meanwhile, round the corner, the terrorists-suicides were doing their bloody job.

Fortunately, people didn't get panic-stricken. The country is alive, the work goes on, celebrations didn't stop, but ...

Many times the Israelis tried to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict by peaceful means. Many times they appealed to the world community for help. However, the world used to treat the Middle East terrorism as a local problem. The world community didn't notice that a stable Islamic "arch of instability" was formed from Philippines to Balkans.

Since 1970s in Arab countries, then in Afghanistan (1970-1980), in Western Europe, in the USA, then in the USSR and later in Russia the vahhabization process in Islam was on. Its specific form was developed and actively introduced. This form is qualified as Islamic fundamentalism.

The problem of Islamic terrorism can't be solved only by force. What can be done with the father of the Palestinian suicide who exploded a bomb in a Tel-Aviv disco. The father said: "I am happy that my son is in the paradise now. I have four sons more. I wish them to become real shahids as well".

Fanatics were defeated by force only once, in the XIII century. There was a terrible order of murderers and assassins. The descendant of Chingizkhan managed to liquidate it by the very radical methods. He cut off all of them, including women and infants.

There is another example in the history too. The English (XIX century) fought Muslim suicides by burying them in pigskins. Pigskin left them no chance to get into the paradise. So there was no wish to sacrifice.

Today the clergymen have to tell their believers that such sacrifices are not favored by Allah, that the suicider won't get into the paradise, that one can't kill even "non-believers". In other words, the struggle with religious fatalism should begin in the ideological area.

Immediately after the horrible explosions of September 11 the world, together with pictures of planes flying into the skyscrapers, saw the stills of joyful Palestinians. Of course, Yasir Arafat condemned the organizers of the terrorist attack, but his words and even the ostentatious donorship to the injured, do not really reflect the real mood of Palestinians and their allies. The administration of Palestinian autonomy couldn't prevent dancing over the fresh blood shed in Eastern Jerusalem, Shkehem, Kalkilia, Jenin, Beit-Lekhem and Rafiah.. Their official statements came of the fear, whereas the crowd's behavior was natural.

The festivities were held in Cairo, Beirut and other Arab capitals. The people behaved as they felt but their feelings have been poisoned already by anti-Israeli and anti-American propaganda.

In his interview to "Jerusalem Post" Ariel Sharon said: "Terrorism is a main danger to stabilization processes in the Middle East. Arab, Palestinian fundamentalist terrorism which spread from Afghanistan to Lebanon is the center of world terror. In future years the thread of nuclear weapons will become real as these weapons may get into the hands of Iran and Iraq. We should not let the terrorists have such weapons.

... Americans have developed the ideas of how to deal with countries promoting terrorism, say, Syria. Syria supports the most extremist terrorist organizations. Now Syria wants to become a member of the UN Security Council. This fact only underlines the cynical character of this organization. Measures against countries promoting terrorism should not be only military ones. They may be economic sanctions, diplomatic and political measures.

When meeting the leaders of European countries I explained to them that Jews have only one small country, the only place, where they have the right and possibility to defend themselves with their own force, and we'll do this".

According to materials of Israeli
and Russian mass media.
"Vestnik "Sokhnuta", Dnepropetrovsk

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